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TEL: +90 216 306 87 21

Mobile: +90 535 792 16 69


Illuminated 3D yacht signs, from design to manufacture

When it is concerned 3D yacht names, illuminated yacht signs, yacht lettering, stainless steel & acrylic there are many related skills and techniques about along the way. KOSTAK REKLAM offers the project design and solutions for Yachts and Boats.

When KOSTAK REKLAM had completed all the design work for a 3D illuminated yacht name KOSTAK REKLAM will then plot all the fixing locations and wire entry points in relation to plans showing strengthening bars. These will then be signed off and manufacturing can initatie.


Manufacturing Illuminated Yacht Signs

When it is concerned to the production of all KOSTAK REKLAM illuminated 3D yacht signs, the start of any large project begins with hand selecting choice acrylic and 316L stainless steel. This procedure process, maximises surface quality giving a superior finish to you yacht lettering.


Custom made 3D Illuminated Yacht Names and Logos

To preserve its originality you have to make diffrence from other yachts. so logos and signage are importent . KOSTAK REKLAM designs and product yacht logos in various styles and designs to give an classy look to your yacht.

All these illuminated and non-illuminated yacht signs are made from high quality materials including acrylic with integral LEDs. They are designed and engineered to ensure that they survive for superior longevity within the tough marine conditions.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your custom made back lit 3D yacht logo designs.