TEL: +90 216 306 87 21

Mobile: +90 535 792 16 69

TEL: +90 216 306 87 21

Mobile: +90 535 792 16 69


Impeccable Engineering

Expert engineering at the KOSTAKREKLAM manufacturing center in turkey ensures that every letter produced is perfect, down to the very last millimetre.

The In-house production team use the latest digital machinery, combined with exceptional hand crafted workmanship to produce exquisite letters that will stand up to any harsh conditions you may find out at sea.

By running its own machines and personally sourcing all materials, KOSTAK REKLAM has full control over production timelines and quality is fully assured.

Quality beyond comparison

KOSTAK REKLAM exclusively build YACHTLIGHT letters and nothing else. Place your trust in the leading global experts and be reassured that only the finest materials are sculpted, combining the latest digital technology and over 10 years of professional experience.

The KOSTAK REKLAM research and development team make it a priority to push the boundaries in this niche market place. You will find that no other yacht sign company has the same level of expertise, passion and product knowledge, backed by a comprehensive three-year warranty.

Controlling production for tight schedules

Having complete control over the production process at its private manufacturing center allows KOSTAK REKLAM full flexibility to meet your expectations and timeframes, however long or short they may be.

KOSTAK REKLAM are willing and very able to accommodate the tightest schedules and provide the shortest lead times in the industry. The unique in-house service from consultation to installation enables YACHTSIGN to manage the production of your new yacht name with absolute precision.